Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tomorrow is Dirty Face Day.

...or Ash Wednesday, as some people call it.

A small minority of students at UGA are of ash-receiving kind, and so many students give me strange looks when I get ashes before classes.

Often students will try to be helpful and rub off the ash from my forehead. "Nooooooo!" I'll cry, and try to duck before they can rub off the holy ash. For the determined ones, I literally have to knock their hand away.

Several years ago I was in a graphic design lecture, and a girl from across the room noticed my ashes. As I was there, talking about the great designer Saul Bass, her eyes got big as an elated look came over her face. She rushed over to me and excitedly exclaimed, "You're Catholic too!" That's how few of us there are here. (Latinos have a similar reaction when we see each other on campus, but that's a different story.)

So if you see me on campus, please try to remember that I'm not dirty -- I'm holy, and I swat.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for checking in! Like you I am looking for a companion to spend quality time with. I have a great career and I am on solid ground, I believe, in all aspects of my life. My children are grown with families of their own and while I love them dearly, I would like to have that special someone to hang out with. Possibily this is the best time of our lives, we have all learned a lot about life from past experiences, but still I embrace the future with hopeful confidence. While living alone and being independent has its advantages, there are also aspects that could be enhanced. My nature is very easy going, not much upsets me. I have a creative edge to me that likes to be much more than just ordinary. I have a great fashion sense which lends to my artistic flair. My job requires me to be a good problem solver and an excellent communicator. Do I still have your attention, then come along with me for the best is yet to be!